A great attitude always matters especially in times of frustration. People always find the worst in certain situations. I’ll give an example, it happened to me not too long ago. I had to push my car while I was traveling one day because I ran out of gas. Stupid me.

I never thought I would run out of gas, but then again we never think we will until it happens. It was tough to stay optimistic because it was hot and I was in the middle of nowhere. Here’s what I thought after I got to the last station, filled up my tank, and laughed about it.

It doesn’t matter what happens, don’t worry, you’ll be fine!

We always believe it’s the end of the world. Here are some tips…

  1. Take a deep breath, quickly. Right when something occurs that is about to make your head explode, take a breath. Really. I think that we start to panic and that is what helps frustrate us. I’d say to keep a smile on your face and take a breath.
  2. If there are people around, don’t be hesitant to ask for help. Most people are nice and willing to help with just about anything, except for hitch-hikers. Hitch-hikers never get picked up for rides.
  3. Be POSITIVE at all times. Attitude is senior to everything in all scenarios. If you can learn to stay positive, it’ll be easier in the long run. Positive people love positive. Also, be confident, not negative. People don’t like negative people because that’s what the world is full of. You don’t need any negativity. Look at my last post and watch the video with Alec Baldwin. That guy is a positive person and master closer.

If any of those three steps fail, you need more time. Time heals everything. Eventually, you’ll get over whatever was bothering you. I tend to simply not care. I immediately say “screw it” and walk away for awhile. I’ll come back when I feel great and my blood pressure lowers or I’m just casual and not feeling anything particular.

Some people will call a friend and discuss things to keep their mind off of whatever is making their blood boil.

I’ll have to admit that when I ran out of gas, I got angry. Of course it was going to happen, but then I decided to walk away. I couldn’t be positive just yet, but instead decided to take a moment to myself. I got on the phone to call a tow truck and the reason I did that was talk to someone.


Another Tip: (*If you talk to someone you don’t know while you’re frustrated, you tend to not be as mad as when you’re by yourself. The reason is because people don’t like other people seeing them flip out.)

This works out very well also because I was kind of embarrassed to show my angry side to someone that doesn’t know. If it was someone I did know, of course I’d flip out. The towing austin business that got me, reached me when I was already close to the gas station. It wasn’t that bad after all because pushing the car got my mind off of things. I was still thinking about how I was going to explain myself tot eh person I was supposed to meet, but I stuck to rule number three, which was stay POSITIVE.

Watch Tony Robbin’s post about pulling yourself out of a funk…


There is a movie I love and I just watched it. I was in my van traveling through states and stopped by somewhere where I could steal some wifi. The movie is “Glengarry Glen Ross” and I love Alec Baldwin’s act in it. He plays this master salesman that was hired to come down to an office of real estate agents to scold them on how they can’t close leads. In the beginning, he is in the office waiting for the agents to come in. The character, John, is managing them and giving them leads for potential homebuyers, but he only gives them a few every month. They all struggle trying to sell and negotiate. Blake, the master salesman, says “Coffee is for closers only” to start the conversation and they all think he’s playing with them. Another character, Dave Moss, asks who the hell he is coming into their office with a bad impression.

In the beginning, he is in the office waiting for the agents to come in. The character, John, is managing them and giving them leads for potential homebuyers, but he only gives them a few every month. They all struggle trying to sell and negotiate. Blake, the master salesman, says “Coffee is for closers only” to start the conversation and they all think he’s playing with them. Another character, Dave Moss, asks who the hell he is coming into their office with a bad impression. Blake intimidates him and basically shows why he is the alpha male in the room and it comes down to one big reason.

Blake is the only man in the room that closes deals. Blake doesn’t get take “no” for an answer and he also thinks no leads are garbage. There comes a time when another character, Shelley, tells Blake that the leads are weak. Blake mocks Shelley for even considering that they’re weak.

I find this scene very helpful for every person because, at some point in their life, they need to learn how to sell. We sell throughout the day, we sell our significant other, we have to sell our kids, our friends, everyone. Selling isn’t some evil thing, it’s forming a relationship with another individual. It’s finding common ground and compromising. Sellers don’t disagree with each other, they agree with others.

I learned how to sell when I was 10 years old. At 10 years old as a kid in Boston, I was selling almost anything trying to make a buck. I quickly realized I suck and maybe I should be a mechanic. I loved working on cars, but I gave up too easily on trying to get my way. Rather than learning how to sell and persuading people, I got upset and learned a trade. I went back and forth on learning how to sell but kept being persistent by selling baseball cards, old comic books, and taking people’s garbage out for them. I quickly transformed and started realizing that I learned how to get rejected. I wasn’t afraid anymore and I got better at selling. It was great, I’m still learning. We learn every day whether people like it or not. Check out the “Coffee Is For Closers” scene.


I said that I enjoy reading about entrepreneurship, business, finance books.  I wanted to make this post and probably future posts about a book I bought awhile back, “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” by Ramit Sethi.

Ramit Sethi is an entrepreneur from San Francisco and I believe he owns multiple businesses. He started a blog in 2006 about personal finance and that’s how he got his start in business. He has some sort of “I’m right, you’re wrong” attitude on his Instagram, but maybe he became like that because he got tired of people’s excuses. In his first chapter of his book, he explained how we make excuses for ourselves when it comes to getting fit, getting rich, finding a partner, etc.

I believe it because I’ll admit I catch myself making excuses a lot. When I notice myself making an excuse, there is about a 75% chance that I can convince myself to do the thing I should do instead. He also writes about how we follow advice from our parents on how to manage money, but he also says how we shouldn’t because they’re not rich. Why should we take advice from a person who isn’t rich? To be in the same situation that they’re in?

He gives advice on how to manage money and get rich in the future. I know what you’re thinking; you’re asking if he himself is rich, well yes he is. He writes about how we should invest our money as soon as we can rather than wait until later. He gives an example with two people, Smart Sally and Dumb Dan, where they both invest money at different ages. They both invest $100/month, except Smart Sally invests starting at the age of 25 and Dumb Dan at age 35. Dumb Dan invests for 30 years and Smart Sally for 10 years. With an 8% rate of return at age 65, Smart Sally has an account worth $200,061 and Dumb Dan has an account worth $149,036. This example shows us it’s better to start early; I’m 26 now and wish I would’ve started at 20.

We need to learn to put excuses aside and quit blaming everything else but ourselves. This reminds me of Hillary Clinton because she blamed Comey, WikiLeaks, racism, sexism, fake news. blah blah blah. Once we accept the fact that we aren’t doing everything we should be doing, then we will wake up and realize we need to get to work. We can also begin to learn how to manage our money better, spend money on things that help our life rather than spend money on items we don’t use or need.

First, we need to ask ourselves why we want to be rich because most people can’t answer that. They take ideas from other people like family members and friends. Well, I want to be rich in order to travel and visit my family when I want, not when I can finally take a break from work or save enough money to do so. I know I’m a nomad and a grease monkey, but I actually prefer living this way. I’d rather be a minimalist and have money to use when I want to. I’ll be posting about this book in future posts, just keep following along with me. If you want to also follow Ramit’s advice and read his book, check this video out first.


Hey I’m Marcus.

Well to start off with my first post, I’ll write about where I’m from.

I’m from a suburb of Boston and I travel by myself throughout the country time to time. I love cars, minimal design, travel, and writing, reading, and entrepreneurship. I love reading about business, but never really practiced opening a business unless you count the couple of times of me making money when I was about 10 – 12 years old.

I love old vintage motorcycles and muscle cars, but I’m starting to get into some of the newer cars. Not cars like Honda or Toyota, but car manufacturers that are making a dent in the automobile industry. I’m talking about Tesla with their self-driving cars or anything new coming out.

I lived in Boston my whole life, got the accent to prove it. I love the people and nightlife, but quit that lifestyle after I decided to get out of Boston and experience the world for myself. Boston will always be my first home, but I decided to move on to other cities and meet other people. I travel in one of those old Volkswagen vans(I know, kinda hippie) with my dog(a german shepherd named Punchy). I love reading about entrepreneurship from authors like Tim Ferris, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ramit Sethi, & Pat Flynn. I also admire the lives of those people I read about and the struggle they put in to make their businesses work and come out on top. Keep reading if this is something you’re interested about.

-Marcus…